For Research Use

Cord blood units (CBUs) are collected primarily for clinical use, but sometimes do not meet all criteria to be licensed HEMACORD or used in a patient under an Investigational New Drug application.

CBUs that do not meet these criteria are made available to scientists at many academic, institutional and commercial organizations for important basic and applied research on stem and immune cells. We obtain research use consent from the donating mother for all units offered for non-clinical use. Our extensive inventory of high quality research products includes:

  • Fresh, non-clinical grade CBUs. These CBUs are neither processed, other than mixed with anticoagulant, nor tested and they are provided without donor identifiers or donor specific information
  • Frozen research CBUs have been volume-reduced to remove most of the red blood cells and plasma and have been concentrated to 25 mL final volume, including the cryoprotectant. They have been frozen using the controlled-rate method and are stored in liquid nitrogen in BioArchive freezers. Frozen CBUs have had at least some testing performed, e.g., Infectious Disease Markers, HLA, Bacteriology, Flow Cytometry, and CBC. Frozen CBUs with specifically desired characteristics, such as total cell count, CD34+ count or HLA typing, can be provided upon request