CBU Search & Selection

Transplant Medicine
Physicians and transplant center coordinators submit formal searches of our inventory via WebSearch, our online platform that instantly generates an automated, preliminary match report. From there, our physicians, scientists and HLA experts are available to assist in the selection of the most appropriate unit(s) available for a patient, depending on a number of criteria including:

  • level of HLA match
  • cell dose
  • disease to be treated
  • type of transplant (e.g., single versus double unit cord blood transplant)
  • patient pre-conditioning regimen, and
  • other requirements and preferences that are specific to the transplant centers we work with.

Cellular Therapies
Our program is also an active participant in several clinical and non-clinical research trials, each entailing unique selection criteria that are frequently very different in type and priority than those listed above. Given our extensive inventory, associated stored samples, archive of test results and database containing hundreds of variables on each unit, we provide complete customization for research trial needs.